(Video) Merab Dvalishvili dominates Streamer Sneako in a sparring session

Sneako is a prominent figure in the social media scene and has once again faced a formidable challenge in the UFC ring. This time, he competed against the skilled Merab Dvalishvili.

Since his ascent to fame, Sneako has been a controversial character. This is particularly because of his notorious feud with MoistCr1TiKal, in which he was asked to a boxing bout.

Sneako’s attempt to showcase his toughness has led him to various gyms across America. However, instead of encountering opponents of similar skill levels, he finds himself dominated by UFC champions and rising stars.

In the recent sparring match, former middleweight champ Sean Strickland destroyed Sneako with a dominating performance. Not long after, Merab Dvalishvili once again beat up Sneako, slapping around the influencer.

Streamed live on Sneako’s Rumble channel, the sparring session with Dvalishvili unfolded as a one-sided affair. The UFC contender demonstrated his prowess with a flurry of open-palm strikes, leaving Sneako humiliated in the process.

For a little while, Sneako attempted to elude Dvalishvili. But being the skilled grappler and seasoned combatant that he is, Dvalishvili quickly caught up to him. “You want to be a fighter?” Dvalishvili’s words may be heard as he chokes Sneako.

Fortunately unlike his encounter with Strickland, Dvalisvhili seemed to enter the sparring round with no intention of totally destroying the influencer. His submissions and open-palm attacks would do less harm. This is in contrast to Strickland’s full-out barrage of vicious blows.

The sparring session also became an opportunity for the UFC contender to impart knowledge. Dvalisvhili offered insights into proper chokeholds and effective takedowns.

While some viewers appreciated the educational aspect of the sparring match, others couldn’t help but comment on Sneako’s challenging journey.

“Bro’s on a mission to get bullied by ever fighter on the roster,” remarked one viewer. Another questioned, “Why’s bro doing him worse than Sean did?”