(Video) McDojo master goes viral for his sloppy Boston Crab set up

In the realm of unconventional martial arts demonstrations, an elderly man named Alexey Gurov has once again captured the online spotlight. Renowned as the founder of a martial arts school and boasting over a decade of experience, his recent attempt at showcasing the famous WWE move “Wall of Jericho” or boston crab has left viewers in stitches.

Gurov, often the subject of viral content on social media, posted a video featuring himself and his young female student. In this latest demonstration, the focus was on executing a double ankle lock. The video commenced with the student throwing a punch, prompting the elderly instructor to respond with a lethargic grab, leading to a gentle mat throw.

As the student lay prone on her belly, the elderly martial arts enthusiast embarked on the slow process of grabbing each leg individually, exerting noticeable effort. Seated on her back, he proceeded to pull her legs, eventually prompting the student to tap out.

While the boston crab itself is a legitimate wrestling technique, its application in mixed martial arts or other grappling sports is often deemed ineffective. MMA athlete Jonno Mears successfully executed this move in a middleweight bout against Aaron Jones at Full Contact Contender back in September 2017, adding a touch of authenticity to the technique.

Despite Gurov’s claim to martial arts mastery, skepticism looms as his demonstrations consistently attract ridicule. Criticisms center around not only the comical inefficiency displayed in the videos but also the inclusion of impractical techniques for real-life scenarios.

The prevalence of such fake martial arts demonstrations, once more common in the past, has significantly diminished. Historically, schools utilized staged public displays featuring seemingly impossible feats to attract unsuspecting students. Although rare today, concerns persist about the existence of martial arts schools perpetuating deceptive techniques.