(Video) Mayweather’s two-year-old grandson goes viral for his shadowboxing

In the world of boxing, Floyd Mayweather has carved his name in history. With an unbeaten record and 15 major world titles, Mayweather retired in 2017 as a true legend of the sport. Now, the question arises: who will carry forward his remarkable legacy? It seems that the answer lies within his own family.

A video of the 46-year-old’s grandson shadowboxing recently went viral.

Mayweather’s dedication to the sport is evident as he has been actively involved in training his son Koraun, showcasing his extraordinary skills and movement in the process. At just 20 years old, Koraun is eager to capitalize on his father’s profound knowledge and guidance to forge his own successful boxing career.

However, the Mayweather legacy does not stop there. Mayweather’s grandson KJ has become the center of attention after a video of him shadowboxing on the kitchen worktop went viral on social media.

At the tender age of two, KJ exhibits a striking resemblance to his grandfather. He was seen on camera moving his feet, torso, and arms in a manner similar of his grandpa while also putting in a few punches and the occasional uppercut.

Just a fortnight ago, it was Mayweather himself who took to the ring for a post-retirement exhibition bout against John Gotti in Florida. Referee Kenny Bayless eventually had to intervene and stop the match in the sixth round.

What followed was a mass brawl that spilled over from the ring to the FLA Live Arena. There were also videos capturing brawls breaking out in various locations, including the crowd and backstage.

Despite the suspension handed down by the Florida State Boxing Commission, Gotti has expressed his desire for a rematch with Mayweather. In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, he mentioned ongoing talks about a potential second match. Gotti believes that the previous match generated significant global interest, making it a lucrative opportunity for both competitors.

He said: “We’re in talks right now to do something, so we’ll see where it goes. From what I understand, after the fight, it was the most Googled thing in the whole world. So Floyd’s a businessman, Floyd wants to capitalize on that, and he wants to make money.”

“If they want to do it again, I’m here. And I promise you this time I’m gonna come out guns blazing as soon as that bell rings. We’re going to fight, now. My confidence is through the roof on it happening.”

Although the date and location have yet to be confirmed, talks are underway and October appears to be a probable time frame for the matchup.

Mayweather stated: “He wants to do it. We’re in talks right now, and hopefully the date gets locked in pretty soon. [Looking at] October. You are correct: it won’t be in Florida.”