(Video) Masvidal stops backstage altercation during an event his promotion held

Jorge Masvidal knows a thing or two about scraps. Which is why it was surprising to see his reaction to a backstage altercation at one of his events.

The video of the altercation shows two athletes lunging for each other with a plethora of men in between them, eager to stop them from an unregulated brawl that would prevent them from cashing a check during the promotion’s event.

Video didn’t show exactly how it started or who instigated it, but a surprising voice of reason could be heard pointing out the consequences they’ll have to face if they scrapped right then and there.

Masvidal was caught yelling: “You get suspended, guys, you don’t make money, bro. You’re fighters. Save it for tomorrow. Save it for tomorrow.”

After Masvidal repeatedly yelled “Get your money tomorrow” seems to have cooled things down.

Quite ironic for someone who had his fair share of out of the ring altercations.

Masvidal still has a court case pending for criminal assault after an incident in which UFC nemesis Colby Covington was injured.

There were talks of Masvidal facing Gilbert Burns and a back and forth negotiation between the two. Burns eventually confirmed this but to no avail.

Masvidal is infamously strategic about his opponents – which he can afford to be thanks to that record breaking KO over Ben Askren that made him into an international star.


“I have no reason to lie,” Burns said.

“They offered for Dec. 10 and he said ‘yes’ at first, but then told Sean Shelby he would fight me in Rio. When Sean Shelby told me that, I was like, ‘bullsh*t’. I started planning my whole camp to fight this guy in Rio, and he backed out three weeks later.”

Masvidal recently parted ways with his longtime management and is reportedly planning to represent himself.

“Jorge Masvidal is no longer being represented by First Round Management, per sources.

He still has a relationship with FRM and are on good terms but will be negotiating on his own from now on” – journalist Alex Behunin wrote on twitter.