(Video) Makhachev puts his sparring partner to sleep while training for Charles Oliveira

Prior to his crucial matchup with Charles Oliveira, Islam Makhachev put in a lot of training including rendering one of his opponents unconscious.

Oliveira is on a 11 win streak, while Makhachev is on a 10 win streak over significantly less impressive opponents. While Oliveira is lauded as one of the finest BJJ practitioners in the promotion, Makhachev is considered a dominant sambo player/wrestler.

Islam Makhachev once again displayed his remarkable submission skills during a training session at the NAS Sports Complex in Dubai. The Dagestani MMA veteran put a sparring partner to sleep during a grappling match.

Makhachev caught his companion in what seemed to be a D’Arce choke and strangled him. Thankfully, as soon as he recognized that his companion was no longer struggling, he promptly released the choke.

In the world of professional sports, stories from the training room are somewhat of a gray area. Often times those who train in jiu jitsu or mixed martial arts frown upon revealing what happens during a training session – which is possibly why Nurmagomedov told  the following anecdote without using any names.

“Yeah, because I know like we grew up together like all our life, and I see how Islam go go with a lot of ADCC level guys even with ADCC champions – they tap.”

“They tap when when they grapple with Islam. I see 88 kilo 99 kilo 77 kilo – I don’t want to say name but they tap – ADCC world champion, you know, and and it’s gonna be big dream”

The whole incident was caught on tape that was a part of a bigger countdown show.