(Video) Major arm breaking slam off the platform ends bout in Japan

Some crazy stuff recently happened in a mixed martial art bout in Japan. One of the athletes literally slammed his opponent out of the arena.

On December 28, Japan-based MMA promotion Ganryujima had a collaboration event booked as INOKI BOM-BA-YE x Ganryujima. The event took place in Tokyo, Japan and featured several great matchups.

The event was headlined by Igor Tanabe and Melvin Manhoef. However, acrazy moment happened during another match. It was during the second bout between Brazilian athlete Marcus Aurelio and Hidenori Ebata from Japan.

They were throwing punches and kicks during the match. Then, Ebata delivered a flying knee which was caught by Aurelio. This left Ebata standing on one leg. Aurelio then proceeded to lift Ebata up. But, instead of slamming him to the arena ground, he ran to the side and jumped off of the platform.

Yes, Aurelio also jumped while still lifting Ebata. The arena didn’t have fences or ropes so athletes could easily fall. It’s a simple a wide arena with 4 pillars. With nothing blocking the bout participants from going off the platform. Aurelio slammed Ebata from the arena to the smoke filled ground outside.

The referee then separated the two. While Aurelio immediately got back to Arena without any damage, Ebata was still laying on the ground. He was just there unable to stand and seemed like suffering some huge damage, presumably a broken arm.

One big name also competed in this event, Rafael Lovato. The former Bellator middleweight champion faced Taiga Iwasaki on the main card. Lovato is still undefeated and previously competed at Bellator 223 where he won the championship against Gegard Mousasi.

However, the belt had to be relinquished after Lovato revealed that he is suffering from a brain condition called cerebral cavernoma. Doctors also told him that his time in mixed martial arts wouldn’t be for long.

Rafael Lovato Jr. returned to MMA after 3.5 years and got a first-round kimura against Taiga Iwasaki.