(Video) Logan Paul calls out Andrew Tate to an MMA clash in the UFC

Logan Paul earlier said he would not take on Tate. However, the YouTuber-turned-boxer then changed his mind and tried to arrange a matchup with Tate hastily during a recent podcast appearance.

Paul is currently embroiled in a crypto controversy and in an attempt to distract from his plotting ways said he wanted to beat Tate up. Paul also hoped to  send Tate home on a stretcher, so the thought of mixed martial arts bout against Tate was appealing.

Paul discussed an offer he’s prepared to make to Andrew Tate in a segment of the TimboSugar Show, which is hosted by Sean O’Malley and his trainer Tim Welch:

“So I got a solution, why don’t we do something that both of us have never done? Clean record, 0 and 0, let us step into the f***ing octagon brother. An MMA fight, me vs. Tate, in the UFC. Bro, he knows how to kick, I can’t throw a kick for my life.”

“He has two of the three skillsets, I have two of the three skillsets. He’s a world champion kickboxer, I’m a YouTuber with no wins, bro. What are you f***ing running from?”

Andrew Tate will be unable to sign a contract for an MMA outing until his legal issues have been resolved.

Although there were rumors of a match between Tate and Jake Paul, the Romanian resident faced off against Jake Paul last year. Therefore, it is not improbable that we may see Tate in the ring soon.

Tate is incarcerated while Romanian authorities investigate him for charges related to trafficking and abuse.

Logan Paul got in another controversy in the mean time – this time involving Elon Musk. Recently, a video of Elon Musk responding to Paul’s views went viral.

In the video, Musk called Logan “brain dead” and suggested that the YouTuber have a microchip inserted in his head to help him learn more. Additionally, the Tesla owner said that “The Maverick” misuses PEDs.

Paul responded to the video by saying:

“I can’t believe he said that about me. I believe in God, stop this narrative. Take that s**t out of your a****le bro, don’t bring me into this”