(Video) Logan Paul and KSI viciously BOOED at UFC 284

When Logan Paul and KSI appeared on the big screen at UFC 284, MMA fans booed them. Their hydration drink was named an official UFC sponsor just a few weeks before. The pair were in Australia to see the promotion’s second pay-per-view event of the year.

Just seconds after Randy Brown was impressively submitted in the first round by Jack Della Maddelena, the former boxing rivals who are now business partners appeared on the big screen. The Perth audience started booing at them when they appeared on the screen.

The booing prompted immediate comments from viewers at home. One of them wrote: “KSI & Logan Paul out here getting booed at #UFC284.”

Some of the other comments were:

“You hear everyone boo you when they cut to you.”

“LMAO @LoganPaul & @KSI getting booed by the Aussie crowd.

“Makes me proud to be an Australian.”

“The boos were perfect.”

The boos rang out across the RAC Arena, but KSI and Paul didn’t let it bother them. Instead, they laughed them off.

UFC Welterweight Kevin Holland previously criticized Paul for his UFC deal saying:

“Prime, yeah, I don’t know if it’s run by both of the [Paul] brothers? Both of the sisters? And KSI. So, the Paul sisters and KSI, Mrs. KSI. Well look, these guys say that they are going for fighter advocates right? They’re all about fighters getting paid more.” Holland said.

He added, “Well, these f*ckers are trying to send me merchandise and other fighters merchandise to rep (represent) them, but they don’t want to pay any f*cking money.”

Holland also said that they offered him to post it on the main page with a $600 payment, which irked him knowing someone with a small amount of followers got offered a bit less.

“I think they offered Oren (Holland’s manager) like $600 for a main page post. I don’t know if this was the company or not, it’s either they offered $600 or no money at all for a main page post, which is pretty f*cking low. They offered $500 to somebody with 200,000 followers.” Holland said.