(Video) Let me bang bro got badly banged up in Russia

Julian Lane never ceases to disappoint the fans when it comes to delivering classic funny moments.

The MMA pro turned bare-knuckle boxer and now boxer became mostly known for his appearance in UFC’s reality show TUF.

There Lane uttered the infamous line in an all time classic moment:

“Let me bang bro!”… “Let me F***ing bang bro!”

His friend then goes on to comfort him and tell him while he holds him in his arms:

“I do… I do let you bang.”

Meme-wise, Lane might never be able to top that moment, however, Julian never ceases to disappoint his fans.

On Friday, Lane made his boxing debut against kickboxer-turned-boxer Vlad Tuinov in the co-main event of a Pravda FC bill. Things got off to a sluggish start. However, Lane amped it up and riled up Tuinov, who ultimately found the winning blow with a massive left hook that knocked Lane down cold in round two.

Despite managing to get up after the hard collision, Lane was still unsteady on his feet. The match ended with the referee deciding he could no longer continue.


In a recent interview ahead of his bare-knuckle boxing bout against Mike Perry, Julian stated that his IQ is “200%” when he steps up in the ring.

“Our mind controls the body, you know what I mean?” Julian then goes on to say:

“When I get in there, that killer instinct,”

“the one that I don’t do outside the ring, it’s only in the ring,”

“It comes on and my IQ is 200%.”