(Video) KSI’s hilarious reaction to AJ Bunker’s weigh-in steals the show

YouTube star KSI couldn’t stop laughing at AJ Bunker’s weigh-in antics before her match with Elle Brooke at Misfits 12 in Leeds. This created a pre-bout spectacle that had fans in stitches.

The former Love Island star and OF sensation stripped down to bikinis for the weigh-in. KSI was standing behind them and almost had “whiplash” as he quickly averted his eyes.

As KSI glanced jokingly up to the ceiling with a mischievous smile, the crowd became surprised. Fans expressed their amusement on social media, with one making fun of KSI’s quick head movements. The fan wrote: “Nice head movement from KSI, he ain’t catching strays.”

The weigh-in antics added humor to the already hilarious build-up between Brooke and Bunker.

Bunker said: “So guys, I hope you’re ready to see her get out of this scene and be gone for good.”

Brooke countered by saying: “The bull meets the matador. She said herself, if she can’t get through me she’s gone.”

Elle Brooke ended up defeating AJ Bunker by knockout to win the Misfits Boxing women’s middleweight championship. The bout featured intense exchanges as neither boxer could settle into a rhythm. At one point, Brooke downed Bunker with a strong right hook.

Brooke said she was happy with her performance after winning, saying: “I wanted to make a point and not leave it up to the judges, and that’s exactly what I did.”

The OnlyFans star then said that she would take some time out and then return to boxing gradually. She stated: “I’m going to go to Vegas, then go skiing and get back straight into the gym. Maybe a crossover boxer next, hopefully, there is another influencer boxer to fight soon.”

KSI’s response to the weigh-in became an unexpected highlight as the Misfits 12 event drew to an end, proving that boxing can sometimes produce chuckles in addition to knockout strikes.