(Video) KSI forfeits sparring match to IShowSpeed

The much-anticipated clash between YouTube sensation KSI and prominent internet figure IShowSpeed finally unfolded on Saturday, December 15.

Renowned as one of the internet’s most popular boxer-influencers since 2018, KSI (real name Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji) re-entered the boxing ring following his unsuccessful attempt to reverse the outcome of his bout against Tommy Fury.

KSI has previously engaged in matches against notable figures like British rapper Swarmz and internet star FaZe Temperrr. He agreed to spar with popular YouTube streamer IShowSpeed (real name Darren Watkins Jr.) for an eagerly anticipated charity match held on December 15.

The event aimed to raise funds for the Anthony Walker Foundation. It is a charitable organization dedicated to combating racism through education, victim support, and promoting equity and inclusivity.

IShowSpeed initiated the match energetically in the first round but appeared cautious in confronting KSI. He ended up primarily evading the seasoned boxer’s advances. Despite being significantly larger, KSI appeared undisturbed by IShowSpeed’s attempts, calmly maneuvering around the ring until the round’s end.

Before the second round, KSI expressed worry for his opponent.  IShowSpeed, who was having trouble breathing. KSI said: “It’s all for good fun and games even if he’s struggling to breathe. I might take it easy on him.”

As the match progressed, KSI encouraged IShowSpeed to take action. Subsequently, he cornered his opponent and managed to bring IShowSpeed to the ground. He then ended the round with a celebratory dance.

However, IShowSpeed refrained from interviews and readied himself for the final round as he recuperated.

The third round witnessed a pause as IShowSpeed faced breathing difficulties. Showing sportsmanship, KSI attempted to rally IShowSpeed by referencing a past streaming mishap.

These remarks seemed to have some effect since IShowSpeed launched his first powerful attack right away. But his enthusiasm was fleeting, as IShowSpeed used the remaining seconds to stay away from KSI in order to beat the countdown.

Acknowledging IShowSpeed’s distress over the match’s outcome, KSI commended his opponent’s courage and attempted to uplift his spirits. He said: “How old are you? 18? 19? You showed big heart. It takes a big man to get in the ring with me. Many have tried, many have failed… I’m proud of you.”

Relentless, IShowSpeed attempted to carry on the match, saying: “It’s not over, I said six rounds.”

KSI then opted to tap out and hand IShowSpeed the victory instead.

The KSI vs IShowSpeed spectacle unfolded on Friday, December 15. Since their bout took place on the same day that  Jake Paul faced off against Andre August, many fans thought KSI purposefully chose a date that would challenge Paul.