(Video) Knocked out boxer spaces out, celebrates as if he won

Lorenzo Medina recently participated in an electrifying bout against Joshua Temple, leaving a lasting impact on the undercard of the Jake Paul vs. Andre August event last Friday night.

The undefeated heavyweight prospect faced a challenging moment earlier in the match when he was knocked down. However, Medina’s unwavering spirit fueled a remarkable comeback. In a stunning display of power and precision, Medina landed a formidable right hand in the closing moments of the match.

The impact was immediate—Temple visibly lost balance and stumbled backward into the ropes. He ended up struggling to regain control of his stance.

The announcer cried out, “His body’s malfunctioning.” Temple took a flurry of blows from his opponent. The referee finally intervened to break up the match as Medina continued to unleash punches on Temple.

In a surreal moment post-stoppage, Temple looked visibly disoriented and began celebrating as if he had emerged victorious. Commentators observed his bewildered state and said: “Temple doesn’t know where he is. Temple is completely out, he thinks that he has won the fight.”

However, the real victor was 19-year-old Medina. He advanced to a 9-0 record with 8 knockouts.

Medina told after the match that he was not entirely happy with his performance. He said: “I would give that a B+ or a B-, I definitely wasn’t super satisfied with my performance, but I keep getting one per cent better each day.”

In response to the question of whether his opponent was more resilient than anticipated, Medina said: “No, he f***ing sucked. I thought he was fighting his own battle in his head.”

“He was scared from the first moment I saw him, he couldn’t even look at me in the eyes in the entire time we were weighing-in or backstage. I think he was trying to convince himself he was good enough to be in the ring with me, but obviously he wasn’t as you guys can tell.”