(Video) Kickboxer with one arm defeats able bodied opponent

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, one-armed kickboxer Carlitos Machado astonished the combat sports community by securing a victory over an able-bodied opponent. Despite his physical challenge, Machado showcased superior technique and emerged victorious through a decision.

While combat sports involving disabled individuals are not uncommon, witnessing a disabled athlete triumph against able-bodied competitors is a rarity that evokes mixed reactions. While some may question the fairness, many view it as a source of inspiration, promoting inclusivity and highlighting the resilience of individuals with disabilities.

One standout disabled athlete, hailing from Brazil, is Carlitos Machado, who specializes in one-armed kickboxing. Machado’s courage and determination have led him to regularly take on able-bodied opponents. In his most recent bout, he faced Mauro Bahamonde in a showdown organized by Rysk Combat in Argentina.

Despite possessing only one arm, Machado showcased extraordinary precision and agility throughout the match. A viral video circulating on social media captured his impressive performance, revealing his exceptional skill set and swift movements, which outpaced those of his opponent.

While Bahamonde exhibited remarkable resilience, pushing the fight to the final round, the judges and spectators alike recognized Machado’s superior performance. The decision was unanimous, and Machado was declared the victor, highlighting his exceptional skill and adaptability.

Machado’s journey has been a testament to human spirit. At the age of three, he underwent surgeries to combat a malignant tumor. Unfortunately, amputation was the only solution to control the tumor’s growth. Despite this adversity, Machado, now 26 years old, embarked on a journey in muay thai when he was just 15. He transitioned to competing against able-bodied opponents and has utilized his every resource to secure triumphs.

Following his recent victory, Machado turned to Instagram to express his heartfelt gratitude. He extended his thanks to the event organizers for affording him the opportunity to compete, and he acknowledged the unwavering support he has received from his coach, fitness trainer, family, and friends. In his Instagram post, he conveyed, “I achieved victory, and it’s all thanks to the hard work we put in.”