(Video) Kickboxer scores Rolling Thunder KO, in running for KO of the year

A Japanese kickboxer amazed fans when he brutally knocked out his opponent with a powerful rolling thunder kick.

Many combat sports athletes prefer using techniques with a higher chance of success while minimizing the risk of counterattacks. Consequently, moves like the rolling thunder kick are rare to witness.

The rolling thunder kick originated from Kyoukushin and is considered a high-risk, high-reward technique. Although the move is relatively simple, it requires significant agility, flexibility, and, most importantly, perfect timing. To execute this technique, the fighter rolls forward and strikes the opponent’s head with their ankle.

This move is regarded as very risky because if the kick misses, the athlete will end up on the ground, feeling somewhat disoriented from the roll. However, kickboxing prospect Shinpei Kiyoshige flawlessly executed this technique, resulting in a successful knockout of his opponent.

UFC veteran Diego Sanchez was famously goaded by his, then guru, Joshua Fabia to try for a rolling thunder on his opponents. Sanchez did indeed try the move several times but was unable to land it.

Shinpei Kiyoshige competed at the KROSSxOVER event held on July 2 at the GEN Sports Palace in Tokyo, Japan. Kiyoshige and his opponent engaged in a fierce battle, exchanging punches and kicks relentlessly, creating an exhilarating spectacle that entertained fans.

As the match progressed, both athletes showed signs of fatigue and appeared breathless. Summoning his last bit of energy, Kiyoshige decided to unleash the rolling thunder kick. Evading his opponent’s attempted right jab by ducking his head, Kiyoshige seamlessly executed the rolling thunder kick.

Continuing his forward roll skillfully, he extended his leg and struck his opponent’s face with his ankle. The impact landed directly on his opponent’s jaw, resulting in an instant knockout. The referee quickly ended the match, declaring Kiyoshige the winner by knockout.

Securely in the running for knockout of the year.