(Video) Kick streamer uses Jiu-Jitsu to fend off attacker mid-interview

The Oside Locos is an IRL Kick streamer who invites strangers into interviews that delve into trivia, dating, and daring questions.

Oside Locos was assaulted in public while doing an interview. But he managed to use a swift Jiu-Jitsu maneuver to neutralize the attacker and get the upper hand.

Oside Locos seemed to be becoming friends with a couple when he was out and about. He even went as far as to put his arm over the man’s shoulders while he was asking them questions.

But things took a bad turn when Oside Locos mistook the tattoo on the girlfriend’s stomach for a ‘tramp stamp’ and questioned about it. This did not sit well with her partner, who cast aside their prior friendship and threw Oside Locos out into the streets.

In an instant, the friendly atmosphere shattered as the boyfriend reacted strongly. Despite the girlfriend’s attempts to defuse the situation by saying that it “wasn’t that serious,” the boyfriend persisted in throwing punches.

Facing an unexpected physical confrontation, The Oside Locos demonstrated his proficiency in Jiu-Jitsu. He executed a well-timed heel hook to subdue his assailant. He then dominated the guy and asked him to “chill” in order to defuse the heightened situation.

The heel hook is a common grappling hold in Jiu-Jitsu. It has the potential to cause severe damage, particularly to the knee’s ACL. This makes it a formidable submission move.

Viewers commended The Oside Locos for his use of the heel hook and his ability to regain control of the situation.

On Reddit, a user highlighted the restraint shown. He stated: “He could have torn that knee to shreds if he cranked the heel hook. Showed a lot of restraint.”

Another observer remarked, “Damn pretty good execution and restraint in response to being randomly assaulted.”