(Video) Jon Jones sends fan overeager to experience a calf kick to the hospital

UFC GOAT Jon Jones is the reigning heavyweight champion, known for his exceptional skills in the cage. He is aptly nicknamed ‘Bones’,  which refers to his little legs.

Jones often relies upon the use of the oblique kick in his matches—a move that has sparked debates on whether it should be barred from competition. Jones’ use of the oblique kick has drawn both admiration and criticism. Opponents argue that its power is unparalleled, while some insist it poses significant risks.

In the current landscape of combat sports, fans facing off against professional combatants has become a trend. For some, the prospect of engaging with UFC competitors serves as a thrilling experience.

However, the line between humour and reality blurs as fans willingly step in to face off against their favourite competitors. They perhaps underestimate the sheer power and skill possessed by these elite athletes.

In a previous appearance, Jones playfully choked out a volunteer at the FIBO fitness trade show in Germany.

But at times, results are not always playful. In a recent video, a fan asks Jon Jones to perform an oblique kick. Jones accepts and gives a light kick on his leg. The fan then acts as if it didn’t hurt and asks Jones to hit him again.

Jones kicks him again, and this time the fan almost falls down while grabbing his leg in pain. However, he gets up and hugs Jones. In another scene, the fan is seen roaming on crutches. He then pulls up his pants to show the swollen injury on his leg.

It seems like Jones did hold back while using his oblique kick. But considering how strong he is, it still did considerable injury to the fan.

As Jon Jones gears up for his much-anticipated return to the UFC, the focus shifts to his clash with former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. Despite the absence of an official date or location, signs point to a late-summer event that promises to be exciting.