(Video) Jon Jones denied entry to octagon in puzzling moment before UFC 285 victory

Jon Jones returned to the UFC octagon in dominant fashion after three years, defeating Ciryl Gane with ease to become the heavyweight champion.

However, the moment before the event began was marred by an odd incident that could have easily thrown Jones off his game.

Officials blocked Jones from entering the octagon, citing concerns with the taping around his toes.

Jones had taped his toes together due to a 2013 injury that still causes him pain, but officials insisted that the tape be cut open to ensure his toes were not bound together.

Fans claim that this moment lasted longer than the event itself, and social media was abuzz with speculation and commentary.

Fortunately for Jones, he was able to remain focused despite the distraction and went on to dominate Gane with ease, claiming a first-round submission victory in just over two minutes.

The odd incident before the event only serves to highlight the incredible mental and physical toughness that Jones possesses. Despite setbacks and obstacles, he was able to overcome them and emerge victorious. It’s no wonder that fans and experts alike consider him to be one of the greatest of all time.

Jones’ victory over Gane cements his place in UFC history and proves that he is still a dominant force in the sport. His determination and resilience in the face of adversity are qualities that make him a true champion, and it’s clear that his legacy will continue to grow with each new outing.