(Video) Jiri Prochazka loses toenail to frostbite ahead of UFC comeback

Jiri Prochazka is widely known for his unconventional training techniques that have contributed to his success. From hitting a tree 500 times a day to facing his “demons” by locking himself in a dark room, Prochazka’s training regimen is nothing short of unique.

However, these unorthodox methods come with a price, as Prochazka has suffered several injuries in the process.

Prochazka is very interested in the Samurai culture – for which he’s received severe criticism from Khamzat Chimaev.

Such methods are unorthodox and potentially dangerous, but they appear to be working for Prochazka, who won the UFC light heavyweight title at UFC 275. Sadly he vacated the title in the fall out from a shoulder dislocation.

Before his scheduled rematch with Teixeira at UFC 282, Jiri Prochazka had to undergo shoulder surgery. Instead of holding up the division, Prochazka surrendered the title, which allowed Jamahal Hill to win the title at UFC 283.

Prochazka has yet to schedule his comeback from the injury.

Prochazka continues to remain dedicated to his training regimen despite the injuries he has suffered. In a recent video shared on social media, Prochazka admitted that frostbite caused his big toenail to fall off after swimming in cold water. In the video, Prochazka casually removes and carefully reattaches his toenail.