(Video) Jiri Prochazka felt violated at how thorough UFC’s new PED testing protocol is

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jiri Prochazka recently shared his experience with the promotion’s updated PED testing procedures in 2024. According to Prochazka, the testing has become even more rigorous compared to previous years.

In a social media post, Prochazka described being visited at his home by a PED control officer from the UFC’spartner agency. “Since the beginning of the year, it’s not a permanent place anymore, and the anti-doping organization is now everything,” Prochazka stated.

The Czech star praised the officer for his thoroughness during the sample collection process. “I have to say, he was the most precise gentleman who really controlled me thoroughly when providing the sample,” Prochazka recalled.

He compared the experience to being subjected to intrusive tests during his school days, saying “I remembered how in school we used to install translash on person foots…”

Prochazka’s comments indicate that the UFC has doubled down on its efforts to combat PED use in 2024. The promotion has faced criticism in past years from stars and pundits who felt the previous testing protocol had loopholes that could be exploited.

With random, unannounced sample collections by diligent control officers, the playing field appears to be leveling for clean athletes in the UFC. Prochazka’s positive endorsement of the new procedures suggests he and his fellow starss can have greater confidence in a fair  environment going forward.

Many were skeptical when UFC announced it would be parting ways with USADA, and has pointed to the fact that no high profile star had been caught since TJ Dillashaw years ago.