(Video) Jake Paul releases Rahman Jr sparring after Rahman released damning clip

The whole video of Paul’s five-round sparring with Hasim Rahman Jr. was posted by Paul online. However, the response from fans towards him has been overwhelmingly negative.

By sharing the video of their sparring session, Jake Paul attempted to one-up Hasim Rahman Jr. However, it backfired as viewers pointed out that it was obvious the seasoned boxer was taking it lightly.

Since Paul called off their match last weekend, he and Rahman Jr. have been engaged in a tit-for-tat. A disagreement over the weight restriction caused the bout to be called off. The fight was scheduled to take place yesterday night in New York.

Before YouTube sensation Paul shared the whole 20-minute video, both guys had already released short bits from the sparring session. Although he said he was doing it to “beat [Rahman Jr.’s] a**,” supporters had a completely different opinion.

“The other guy (Rahman Jr) doesn’t even look like he’s trying. Only using one hand as well?!? He was coaching Jake during this.

Another added: “It seemed like Hasim was actually helping him n giving him tips rather than having a serious spar with Jake.”

Another fan questioned Paul’s choice to post the video, saying: “Why would he share this like his proving a point? It literally just proves that Hasim was right, it looks like a father sparing with his son. Hasim is putting in next to no effort while Jake looks stressed. If that fight actually took place last night then they would probably still be scraping Jake of the ring canvas right now.”

Another user wrote: “From the sparring footage it seems like Hasim was training Jake rather than fighting him. On the other hand Jake was fighting like he was going 100 per cent, that’s why Hasim got mad at the end. Its like when a big brother goes easy on his little brother on a video game, and then the little brother shows off.”

Former professional boxer Ishe Smith added his voice in support of Rahman Jr. He said: Paul looks awful, I have seen a million of those in the gym..”

Rahman Jr. contributed his own perspective by writing: “Boy doesn’t like his own medication, so be sure to read the comments as well. You are always honest, right?”

“Up until the point when I started uploading my own video, you decided not to share anything other than footage from this session. As you can see, Jake Paul was surrounded by “yes-men” who were doing their best Bundini impersonations; yet, the young man was unable to box oranges.”