(Video) Jake Paul claims he would knock out Mike Tyson

Jake Paul claims he will defeat former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, taking his “delusional optimism” to a whole new level.

Based on his success as a YouTube celebrity, Paul has had an incredible career in boxing since he started.

He has faced off against some of the best boxers, including a fellow YouTuber, a former NBA player, and numerous retired MMA stars. Jake Paul’s next bout will be against Tommy Fury, a former Love Island star. He hasn’t exactly dazzled in his eight bout long career so far, but at least he is a legitimate boxer.

The American recently said on a podcast that he could defeat the current 56-year-old Mike Tyson in a battle.

“You think you’d f**k up Mike Tyson? Who is now much older,” the social media celebrity is questioned.

Paul takes a deep breath and responds, “I don’t know if I’d use those words, but I would win.”

For clarification, the interviewer asked, “You would win?”

Before Paul can respond once again, there is laughter coming from another area of the studio.

Paul remarks, “Come on Al, you’re a hater bro.”

Al responds by asking, “Are you serious?”

The boxer responds, “As serious as a heart attack.”

Al replies, “I respect you and your brother. You guys have delusional confidence, it’s amazing.”

The younger Paul states, “Delusional optimism. It’s a super power.”

Paul responds, “I think there’s a very very high chance of that. He’s not the same fighter as he once was, he knows that.

“I think it’s a great fight, for that reason. Me boxing on the outside, him trying to come forward to knock me out. I have one punch power, he has one punch power. Who wins?”

Paul could want to face Tyson in the future, but it’s doubtful that he will because of the vast age difference – it’s hard to picture an athletic commission that would sanction such a bout.