(Video) Jake Paul blows up when an interviewer asks him what if he loses

Jake Paul just lost his cool in an interview big time.

Paul is going to face rival Tommy Fury in a boxing match scheduled for 26th February. So, he’s consistently interacting with the media. However, one of his latest interactions turned quite heated.

Paul was talking to HBO’s Bomani Jones on Game Theory and he didn’t take too kindly to two of the host’s questions. Jones was curious about Paul’s career path if he loses to Fury. He asked Paul what was next for him if that happened.

To this Paul replied that he only has a winning mindset. He accused the host of having a negative mentality and that he was trying to project it onto him.

“I don’t plan on losing. I don’t train to lose. I feel like that is probably your mindset, a lot of people try to project their mindset on me.” he told Jones.

Jones then said that the negativity has worked for Paul because everyone’s surprised that he keeps winning all his boxing matches. As is known, Paul is considered a villain in the sport.

This is because he’s a Youtuber-turned combatant who has out boxed¬† respected MMA veterans such as Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva. Boxing fans say that Paul is just building up his record by beating up washed-up has-beens.

The host said that his villainous attitude and people wanting him to lose keeps things interesting. He asked if Paul was going to have the same hype around him if Fury beats him.

This was the last straw as Paul slammed Jones, calling him a nobody:¬†“They won’t. And to be honest bro, I don’t know who the f*** you are.”

Most social media users are calling out Paul for disrespecting the interviewer. They are saying that his ego was hurt and that he shouldn’t burn bridges with the media so early in his career.

Others are saying that the interviewer’s questions were wrong to begin with.

Either way, the “Problem Child” has the toughest test of his career as he faces a natural boxing pro for the first time ever.