(Video) Influencer tries to quit boxing bout by laying down in ring on Mayweather undercard

Reality TV stars Natalie Nunn and Tommie Lee have had a longstanding feud that finally led to a boxing match. The two celebrities, known for their appearances on the American show “Baddies West,” were the co-main event at Floyd Mayweather’s boxing event held at the O2 Arena in London, England on February 25.

The match was highly anticipated by fans due to the ongoing beef between Nunn and Lee, but it quickly became apparent that the bout lacked the skills and techniques seen in professional boxing matches. Nonetheless, the match was entertaining for those who were looking for some drama.

Nunn, with her bigger body, dominated Lee from the start, landing more shots and almost dropping her opponent a few times. Lee, with her leaner body, circled around a lot but could not avoid Nunn’s punches. At the end of the first round, Lee collapsed, but the referee allowed her to continue. However, the bout was called off in the next round when Lee received a massive blow to the head.

While Nunn had a bit of experience in basketball and football, neitherĀ  had any significant background in combat sports. As a result, the match lacked the finesse and skill that professional boxing bouts usually exhibit. Nonetheless, their ongoing feud added some entertainment value to the event, even though the match was a bit absurd.

While Nunn emerged as the clear winner, many combat sports fans were disappointed despite having low expectations. Nonetheless, the match serves as a reminder that even celebrities can step into the boxing ring and settle their beef in a unique and entertaining way.


That being said the card itself was a major flop with tickets going for $6 hours before the event. However the blame is mostly on promoters who failed to market Floyd Mayweather in his clash with yet another influencer.