(Video) Influencer Adin Ross folds over after a knee from Alex Pereira despite the pad

Adin Ross and UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira engaged in an unexpected challenge.

Adin Ross has recently taken a keen interest in combat sports. At 23, Ross has cultivated a significant following, particularly drawn to his ventures into the world of boxing, notably his ‘Brand Risk Boxing’ events, showcasing emerging influencers and creators. Speculation abounds as Ross hints at his potential participation, with rumors circulating about prospective matchups against fellow influencers.

In his live streaming endeavors, Ross has been keen on collaborating with notable figures from the combat sports sphere. His recent encounter with UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira exemplifies this trend. The rendezvous took place in a warehouse setting, previously utilized by Ross for his intimate boxing affairs.

However, the dynamic was more akin to Ross testing the waters of Pereira’s prowess. Throughout the stream, Ross prompted Pereira to demonstrate his striking abilities. Initially, Ross requested Pereira to execute a knee to the pad, which, despite its restrained force, managed to inflict discomfort upon Ross, unaccustomed to physical exertion.

Undeterred, Ross escalated the challenge, urging Pereira to deliver a knee strike to his midsection. Despite the precaution of wearing a protective pad, Pereira’s impact reverberated, propelling Ross towards the ropes.

Subsequently, Ross endeavored to reciprocate, opting to strike Pereira’s abdomen without protective gear. However, his exertion resulted in injury, highlighting the disparity in experience and conditioning.

The culmination of their interaction saw Ross curious about the sensation of being subjected to Pereira’s grappling prowess. Pereira obliged, executing a front headlock choke, prompting Ross to comically tap out promptly. The ensuing footage garnered significant traction across social media platforms, swiftly becoming viral.

Alex Pereira prepares for his upcoming bout against Jamahal Hill. Scheduled to headline UFC 300 in April, Pereira’s return to the spotlight is eagerly anticipated by fans and pundits alike.