(Video) Hockey martial arts hybrid event Ice Wars produces must see comedic KO

A side-splitting blend of ice skating and mixed martial arts recently lit up the arena in Russia, providing an unforgettable and comical moment as one athlete faced an unexpected knockout and slid away.

With MMA’s immense popularity in Russia and the nation’s love for hockey, it was only a matter of time before the concept of mixing MMA with ice skating gained traction. And so it did, in an event where contestants donned boxing gloves and ice skates and competed in an ice skating arena.

The rules closely resembled traditional MMA, but kicking was forbidden due to the razor-sharp blades on the skates. Two referees oversaw the match, with one of them standing at a distance to ensure fairness.

The event, known as Ice Wars International, introduced a fascinating and extreme combat sport, with all events consisting of two 1-minute rounds on ice.

However, one particular match stole the show and became a viral sensation on social media. In the clip, two competitors clad in black and green outfits engaged in a relentless exchange of blows on the slippery ice. Despite their off-balance movements, they continued to stand and deliver punches with determination.

As the intense duel persisted, the athlete in the green outfit started losing his balance. Seizing the moment, his opponent capitalized and landed a series of powerful punches. In an attempt to counter with an overhand punch, the contestant in green unfortunately missed his target. The combination of his imbalance and the force from the missed punch resulted in him spinning around and falling hard on the ice, sliding away in a comical display. It appeared that he was knocked out as he lay still on the ice after hitting his head.

The video of this hilarious knockout quickly spread across social media, highlighting the captivating and unconventional nature of this hybrid sport. The event itself showcased the exciting fusion of ice skating and MMA, providing fans with an entertaining and unique experience.

Later in the event, even the ‘ring girl’ took a humorous spill on the ice, adding to the lighthearted atmosphere of the day.

As Ice Wars International continues to make its mark, it is no doubt leaving audiences in awe and laughter with its thrilling blend of two diverse sports.

The event’s debut in the United States at the Outlaw Saloon on July 15 is set to further captivate MMA enthusiasts and ice sports aficionados alike. With such unexpected and amusing moments, Ice Wars promises a remarkable and unforgettable spectacle for all.