(Video) Heavyweight snaps leg during MMA bout in unforgettable scene

MMA fans are no strangers to bone-chilling injuries, but the recent incident involving Grigoriy Ponomarev at ACA 161 in Moscow, Russia, has taken the realm of horror to a whole new level.

Ponomarev faced off against Mukhamad Vakhaev in a heavyweight clash that was featured as the co-main event of the card. The quarterfinal bout of the tournament turned into a nightmare for Ponomarev, as Vakhaev secured a swift TKO victory in less than 40 seconds. However, it wasn’t just the outcome of the bout that stunned the spectators – it was the unexpected injury that Ponomarev sustained, leaving fans and the MMA community in disbelief.

A video of the incident, shared online, captured the spine-chilling moment. The video was accompanied by a cautionary message:

“Viewer discretion advised. A disturbing and potentially career-ending injury. Grigoriy Ponomarev’s leg shatters at ACA 161. Wait for the replay.”

The footage depicts the match beginning with Mukhamad Vakhaev pressed against the cage. He manages to break free as Ponomarev clumsily attempts a takedown. In a desperate bid, Ponomarev tries another takedown, only to be forcefully shoved away by Vakhaev.

The crucial moment arrives when Ponomarev’s ill-fated takedown attempt fails. He loses his balance and falls at an awkward angle. The impact twists and contorts his left leg beneath his body’s weight, leading to a horrifying snap of his leg bone. The referee swiftly intervenes to halt the action, and Vakhaev jubilantly celebrates his victory with a backflip.

As news of the incident spread, fans and the MMA community took to social media to express their concern for Ponomarev and to voice their reactions to the shocking injury.

Comparisons were drawn to infamous injuries in MMA history, such as Anderson Silva’s leg break against Chris Weidman at UFC 168. One fan expressed their discomfort:

“Comparing this to Silva’s injury, this is worse, but Silva’s made me cringe more. Can’t explain why.”

Suspicion arose about Vakhaev’s actions during the injury. One user speculated:

The excruciating pain Ponomarev must be enduring was a common sentiment among fans:

“Imagine the agony he must be feeling!”

“Two hits while the ref was intervening – that’s unprofessional.”

Even Vakhaev’s celebration was questioned:

“No need for a backflip while your opponent is writhing in agony with a broken leg.”