(Video) He forgot he was doing boxing not MMA and suplexed his opponent

In a recent boxing match held by the Hardcore Boxing League in Russia, an unforgettable incident occurred that left spectators amused.

One professional boxer momentarily forgot he was participating in a boxing match and instead executed a suplex on his opponent during a clinch.

While such moves are common in wrestling or mixed martial arts, they are strictly illegal in boxing.

Boxing matches periodically witness moments where boxers engage in sketchy moves. These instances can occur intentionally or due to the heat of the moment. Boxers, driven by overflowing emotions and lacking self-control, may resort to unconventional techniques that go against the rules.

Jake Paul famously believed Ben Askren would try and execute a takedown on him during their ill conceived boxing match.

These moves, including the suplex in this particular case, can result in warnings or even disqualification for the offending boxer.

Artem “Rostovsky” Kuzmin’s bout with Ernar “Donatello” Ernazarula was a rematch to begin with so the two were familiar with one another.

Kuzmin performed a takedown on Ernazarula in the middle of the very first round of their semi-final of the 3rd season of the Hardcore FC Grand Prix.

While clinching is a legitimate strategy, it can be seen as annoying to both boxers and spectators. It is commonly used to avoid punches and create a safe space to catch a breath. However, excessive clinching can hinder the intensity of the match, leading to audience dissatisfaction.

It’s unclear who won but the expectation was that Rostovsky must be disqualified.

Hardcore is known for their stunts, however this might’ve gone even beyond that and angered their fanbase.

There are several other notable occasions on which prominent boxers appeared to be going for a takedown.

Alvarez displayed frustration by picking up Bivol and wanting to body slam him.

Many boxing fans mocked Alvarez for his actions.

Bivol jokingly downplayed the significance of the bout, stating that he beat a super-middleweight and doesn’t consider himself the king or the best in the light-heavyweight division.

In the end, anyone who has spent any considerable time wrestling is tempted to use the underhooks when they have them. But it takes a real carelessness or attention seeking to do that in a sport that so clearly outlawed that type of direction, let alone actual techniques.

It remains to be seen how HFC will penalize this move.