(Video) Giant challenges World Champion BJJ instructor

The mission of jiu jitsu is to enable smaller individuals to defend themselves. This mission was perfectly executed and demonstrated by World Champion Robson Moura.

While jiu-jitsu doesn’t feature striking, there are often challengers who perform a so called dojo-storm and make the instructor showcase his skill.

In this particular case a big guy entered Moura’s school and issued an open challenge to anyone there. He was clearly looking for a no holds barred confrontation.

The guy also announced that the challenger will win $20 in addition to bragging rights, if he or she were to beat him.

Robson accepted the challenge despite the fact that he’s substantially smaller in stature and insisted he could beat him in 5 minutes. Robson also proposed his condition that the guy had to join his school as a student in case he lost the challenge.

Robson was much smaller, roughly around 170 pounds.

Robson made quick work of the guy and did not even hurt him in the process. Robson is a veteran mixed martial artist and a longtime Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Robson Moura started his Jiu Jitsu training at the age of 10 under Ailson “Juco” Brites.

Moura achieved so much at a young age and received his black belt at 18 from Nova Unio co-founder Andre Pederneiras. Pederneiras is nowadays a household name thanks to his most famous student – Jose Aldo.

In addition to Aldo, Nova Uniao was also at one time home to prominent mixed martial artists including BJ Penn, Renato Verissimo, Tony DeSouza, Wendell Alexander, Gustavo Dantas and more.

Moura is a 5th-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Moura also won his division in BJJ Mundials from 1996 to 2000, and again after six years, he won in 2007. Mouro got an appreciation from top Jiu-Jitsu federations IBJJF, CBJJF, and CBJJO, who recognized him as a pioneer in the field of BJJ.

He worked as an instructor in Brazil and Tampa at the same time. Due to his contractual obligations, he has to move across both countries frequently.