(Video) Fury got caught backing out of ‘All or nothing’ purse bet

Last week, Paul had challenged Tommy Fury to a bet in which the winner would get both of their purses.

Tommy Fury allegedly did not sign a formal contract on the double-or-nothing bet. However, his father John Fury thinks Paul should honor the deal.

John Fury addressed the situation on his social media.

“Good morning world, Jake Paul and family. Back home, well rested, hence back on business. Jake, you know what I’m gonna do. We had a deal mate, we had a handshake. We said we’d box for free if we got defeated…”

It seemed that John Fury expected Paul to uphold his end of the deal despite Tommy’s reluctance to sign the contract.

After losing to the British reality TV personality, Paul claimed on Instagram that he had made $30 million from the match.

A video has emerged that shows John Fury questioned about accepting the bet on behalf of his son. However, John refused to answer it and remained silent.


John Fury was asked: “The world wants to know, what happened with the contract? With the deal that was proposed?”

He then replied, “Let’s talk about boxing. That’s what we’re here to do, box.”

The guy persisted in asking questions, adding: “It certainly is boxing, certainly is a deal about boxing.” Fury then replied by saying, “I’m concentrating.”

The video then resumes with the guy attempting to obtain a definitive response while Fury prepares to leave the dressing room.

“Before you leave John, just about that contract…”

John then replies angrily: “Why don’t you shut up! Listen, video boy, just shut up video boy, little nobody!”


Tommy Fury went on to defeat Paul by a split decision. He improved his professional record to 9-0.

On the other hand, Paul has been under fire from John Fury on social media for comments alleging that Paul owes his son money for the bet.