(Video) Former UFC Heavyweight flips truck amidst an attempt to launch trucking channel

Former UFC heavyweight and comedian Brendan Schaub found himself in the midst of a heart-stopping off-road incident earlier this year. While attempting a daring stunt, his truck completely flipped. Despite the turn of events, Schaub emerged unscathed and ended up exiting the vehicle.

Schaub took to social media to provide followers with a gripping video clip captured from inside the truck during the incident. He posted the video along with the caption: “The only question after flipping your truck is… but did you have fun tho?”

The video footage revealed the exact moment when Schaub’s wheels left the ground, suggesting the flip occurred during a quick turn.

Schaub also shared an outside perspective of the vehicle, resting on its top post-flip. With a touch of humor, he posted another video on Instagram with the caption: “Am I doing this right?”

Fortunately, the story takes a positive turn as Schaub hopped up and exited the vehicle through the side door. He reassured fans and followers that he incurred no injuries during the heart-stopping incident.

This is not the first time Brendan Schaub has faced a scary car accident. He got emotional when recounting a 2021 event in which he was the first to arrive at a California wrong-way collision scene. In a remarkable display of bravery, he managed to rescue children from the aftermath of the crash.

Although Brendan Schaub parted ways with the UFC a decade ago, he has maintained a close connection to the world of combat sports. Known for his verbal sparring with UFC President Dana White back in the day, Schaub now dedicates more time to his podcast and stand-up comedy ventures.

Schaub recently announced his retirement from his comedy career in order to spend more time with his family. He does not completely rule out doing local appearances, but will not be performing in any national and international tours.