(Video) Former UFC featherweight Felipe Colares restrains alleged thief

Former UFC featherweight Felipe Colares got into a scrap on January 25 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Colares used his jiu-jitsu skills to stop a guy who was allegedly trying to steal a phone and assaulted a woman in the process.

Colares posted images and a video of the event on his social media accounts. He said that he was leaving the gym at Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach when he saw an “alleged assault to a woman.”

It’s crucial to note that Colares is not shown throwing any strikes and that neither guy seems to have any obvious injuries as he adopts the mount, knee on belly, and back positions against the suspected thief in the post.

According to Colares,

“I went back to my car and went to the woman to check the situation, and indeed it was a robbery. My friends and I went back to the car and saw the man. After noticing he was unarmed, we intervened and managed to pin the robber using jiu-jitsu techniques.”

On his social media, Colares said that they were able to give the lady her phone back. He also said that “today we have one less robber in the streets.”

He wrote: “I don’t recommend unprepared people to do that, but today I became one percent better.”

Colares (10-4) defeated Luke Sanders and Domingo Pilarte in the UFC and has participated in a total of five UFC outings. He will presently make his Ares FC debut on February 17 against Alioune Nahaye.