(Video) Former UFC Champion protests viral footage of incompetent ref not spotting action

Unexpected events often occur in the MMA community. Whatever the circumstances, the sport is always hazardous.

Occasionally, the lives and health of the combatants are in jeopardy. The referee is the most significant person inside the octagon in these situations since he is the closest. As a result, having a competent referee inside the octagon is essential because he can help prevent grave circumstances.

According to fans and a former UFC champion, the exact opposite of a flawless officiating example was seen in a recent viral video.

The match between Jalin Fuller and Scott Writz has recently gone viral online. The fight’s outcome is stirring up controversy in the MMA world. In the match, Fuller choked Writz for 30 seconds during the battle as the referee did not stop the event.

Chris Weidman criticized Jalin Fuller and the referee after seeing Jalin Fuller choke Scott Writz. The UFC champion tweeted: “How the hell don’t you realize how tight that choke is on ??!!!”

Weidman is a former UFC middleweight champion and is gearing up for yet another comeback. Weidman suffered a devastating leg break akin to McGregor some years back in the very opening minutes of his bout against Uriah Hall.

MMA fans started criticizing the referee for making this choice. A fan tweeted that the referee should be suspended.

“Stupid ref ! What a f**kin idiot. I hope he is ban forever!!!!!!!!!”

Some other comments were as follows:

“terrible ref, that could cause serious damage”

“thats called a bad ref”

It’s interesting that one tweet attacked the whole Writz squad. The MMA fan said that Writz’s coach should have thrown in the towel to end the match since they would have been aware that he had lost consciousness.

“So many wrong things here. As a UFC fan I have seen the fighter team throw in the towel in cases where they felt it wasn’t worth pushing further. Poor refereeing but coach should have known better to throw in towel.”