(Video) Former MMA star Keith Lee ends Bay Area food tour over safety concerns

Former MMA star turned TikTok sensation Keith Lee recently cut short his much-anticipated food tour in the Bay Area. This has left fans curious about the abrupt cancellation.

In a video, Keith shed light on the reasons behind this unexpected decision. He also expressed gratitude to the Bay Area residents before delving into the details.

Before delving into the tour’s cancellation, Keith took a moment to extend his heartfelt thanks to the residents of the Bay Area for their overwhelming love and support.

Keith said in a video: “Unfortunately, the Bay Area stop on the Keith Lee and family food tour is officially over prematurely…I truly want to say from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every single bit of love. The people of the Bay were absolutely amazing, And I’ll never forget the hospitality and the love that y’all showed me.”

One of the primary reasons cited by Keith Lee for prematurely ending the food tour was safety. He conveyed his belief that the Bay Area is currently not an ideal destination for tourists, attributing this perspective to the community’s focus on survival amid challenging circumstances.

He added: “The people of the Bay are just focused on surviving. The amount of tents and living structures and burnt-out cars that we saw people living in was shocking to say the least.”

The Bay Area reputation has become bad due to escalating crime rates and homelessness.

Adding another layer to the narrative, Keith disclosed an incident during the tour where he faced a health scare. He was hospitalized due to an allergic reaction triggered by food served at one of the tour stops. This unexpected health issue played a significant role in influencing his choice to conclude the Bay Area food tour ahead of schedule.

Keith Lee’s video announcement generated substantial engagement, accumulating over 10,000 comments and a spectrum of opinions. While some applauded his commitment to prioritizing safety, others questioned why he didn’t explore alternative areas within the Bay.

One comment read: “Not even mad at this. When the vibe is off….. just roll out”

Another wrote: “There’s more spots then just Oakland and sf, mom and pops shops that needed exposure outside of our two major cities :(”

A well-known fact about Keith Lee is his association with the UFC, being the younger sibling of renowned lightweight contender Kevin Lee. In 2017, Keith Lee started his mixed martial arts career and participated in leagues like Global Legion FC and Brave FC. The Michigan native finally signed with Bellator in 2020. At the time, his record was 2-2.

Transitioning from professional combat sports in Bellator, Keith discovered an unexpected passion in the food review world. Departing from the world of mixed martial arts, he has gained significant influence on TikTok and has made a massive following with his unique take on culinary experiences.