(Video) Footage of Jose Aldo backstage after devastating 13-second loss to McGregor

The main event of UFC 194 was part of a truly historic night for MMA. Besides it being the crowning night of Conor McGregor as an undisputed champion, it is also one of the most memorable knockouts in the promotion’s history.

However, when there’s a win for the victor, that means agony for the other fighter. That’s what Jose Aldo felt after the devastating 13 seconds knockout he suffered that night.

After beating the tough wrestler Chad Mendes to grab the interim UFC featherweight belt, Conor McGregor finally got his chance to fight Aldo for the real belt. The build-up for their fight was extremely tiring and tense, especially for Aldo with McGregor’s mind games.

When the two finally shared the octagon, the Irishman looks virtually confident. Meanwhile, the champion Aldo looks tense and pressured.

And after the bell rang, the emotional Aldo threw a big left hook which was notoriously countered by ‘The Notorious’, leaving Aldo spacing out on the ground. McGregor then landed another punch to make sure the job’s done and the referee stopped the fight.

With that, the first UFC featherweight champion lost his belt, in a mere 13 seconds.

While McGregor celebrated his historic night after the bout, Aldo took some time to digest all the things that happened.


A video recently surfaced and saw the devastated Aldo sitting facing the wall backstage. He also ignored the team that tried to give him support after the loss.

He then later won an interim featherweight belt from Frankie Edgar several months later. But a year later, rising star Max Holloway knocked him out twice in a back-to-back encounter.

However, things have turned out better for the Brazilian Aldo. After dropping to bantamweight and facing an early misfortune, he is currently on a three-fight winning streak and once again getting close to another UFC title shot.