(Video) Flying Knee and RNC seal the deal at BSC 19

Budo Sento Championship 19, Omar Botello orchestrated a breathtaking sequence, dropping opponent Luis Ceron with a flying knee and securing a triumphant finish with a flawless rear-naked choke.

Budo Sento Championship (BSC), a renowned mixed martial arts promotion based in Mexico, recently hosted its marquee event, Budo Sento Championship 19, in Mexico City on December 1. The event, available for live streaming on UFC Fight Pass, delivered a series of thrilling matchups, with one bout standing out prominently in the lightweight category.

The spotlight was on Omar Botello and Luis Ceron as they engaged in a strategic start, each waiting for the opportune moment. The intensity heightened gradually, transforming the match into an all-out war that captivated viewers.

As the seconds ticked away in the final moments of the bout, Botello seized control, pressuring Ceron into a corner with a relentless combination of punches. The climax unfolded when Botello executed a ferocious flying knee kick that found its mark on Ceron’s jaw, leaving him visibly wobbled.

Botello, quick to capitalize on the opening, followed up with a barrage of punches, causing Ceron to hit the canvas. Despite the knockdown, Ceron displayed resilience, prompting Botello to transition to the ground. Engaging in ground-and-pound, Botello unleashed strikes on Ceron, who defensively curled up to protect his head.

In a seamless transition, Botello shifted from striking to grappling, swiftly securing Ceron’s back and applying a tight rear-naked choke. Caught off guard, Ceron attempted to stand, but the choke’s precision left him with no choice but to tap out, solidifying Botello’s victory via submission in the first round.

The fluid transition between striking and grappling showcased the dynamic nature of mixed martial arts, providing fans with an exhilarating spectacle. With this remarkable win, Omar Botello extended his professional MMA record to 4 wins and 1 loss. Conversely, Luis Ceron faced his third consecutive loss, accumulating a total record of 10 wins and 8 losses.

The electrifying moment was captured and shared on social media platforms, further elevating the buzz around Omar Botello’s exceptional performance at BSC 19.