(Video) First video of Andrew Tate out on house arrest after 4 months in prison

Andrew Tate claimed that he now has ‘absolute clarity of thought’ in an oddtopless video of him pacing back and forth while smoking a cigar after he and his brother Tristan were released from a Bucharest jail on house arrest.

The brothers and two alleged female accomplices were released amid an ongoing investigation into charges of human trafficking, forming an organized crime group to exploit victims and more.

Tate, 36, later claimed that there was ‘zero percent chance’ of being found guilty of any alleged offenses before uploading the odd video of himself back at the Bucharest villa where he was arrested.

He allegedly ‘held women like prisoners and forced them to create online adult content. Luana Radu, 32, and Georgina Naghel, 28, were the two Romanian women also arrested and released with the Tate brothers.

Tate broke his silence by thanking his supporters in a statement after his release. His brother, Tristan, delivered a brief statement claiming the judge’s decision would be ‘vindicated’.

Tate maintained his absolute innocence and stated that he looks forward to being reunited with his family in Romania.

Earlier this month, the group appeared at a bail hearing which Tate hoped would result in him being released from prison and placed under house arrest. That bail application was rejected by a judge, and all four appealed the decision.

The Court of Appeal in Bucharest ruled that the brothers and the two alleged accomplices would be released from prison and placed under house arrest.

The Tate brothers’ spokesperson expressed gratitude to the judge and courts for allowing the brothers to return home. Both brothers are looking forward to clearing their names of these fabricated accusations. However, it is a big step in the right direction.