(Video) Firefighters KO cops as NYPD vs FDNY charity hockey game ends with an incident

In a chaotic and intense game, New York’s firefighters and police officers faced off in the 49th annual charity hockey game between the two services.

While the game started off well, with both teams displaying excellent sportsmanship and skill, things took a turn for the worse when multiple scraps  broke out on the ice.


The annual charity match between the NYPD and FDNY is always an exciting event, with the two teams fiercely battling it out for charity. The firefighters have had the upper hand historically, boasting an impressive record of 27-18-3 in the head-to-head. This year, the NYPD was determined to put an end to the firefighters’ winning streak.

Despite the NYPD’s best efforts, they were unable to extinguish the fiery offense of their rivals in the first period. The firefighters took the lead and held onto it, ultimately defeating the police officers with a score of 8-5.


However, the game didn’t end without drama. With just seconds left on the clock, firefighter John Peretta took on cop James Hall, resulting in a violent brawl. Peretta’s barrage of punches ultimately knocked Hall out cold on the ice. Commentators were blown away by the severity of the scrap, describing it as a “full-out as*-kicking.”

The chaos continued as yet another brawl broke out soon after. This time, the firefighters emerged victorious once again, unleashing powerful haymakers left and right.


While scrapd are not uncommon in hockey games, the incident that erupted on the ice was unexpected and intense, catching the spectators off guard. Many fans were surprised by the level of the hardcore knockouts they witnessed.


The question remains whether or not the NYPD will be able to avenge their loss the next time the two public services meet up. One thing is for sure, the annual charity hockey game between these two departments is always a highly anticipated event, and the rivalry between the two is as fierce as ever.