(Video) Fan’s selfie attempts leads a massive bicycle crash at Tour de France

A fan’s attempt to capture a selfie with a cyclist led to a massive pile-up at the Tour de France. The incident marked the second consecutive day of significant crashes during the prestigious race, all due to careless spectator behavior.

Belgium’s Nathan van Hooydonck found himself on the receiving end of the fan’s reckless action. As the fan extended their arm to take a photo with the riders, it collided with van Hooydonck, causing him to lose balance and tumble to the ground.

Tragically, the location of this incident, at the edge of the road, triggered a chain reaction, leading to an estimated 20-rider pile-up during the 15th stage of the tour. Even former champion Egan Bernal was caught up in the chaos.

ITV’s co-commentators, Carlton Kirby and Sean Kelly, provided a detailed account of the incident. According to Kirby, “An arm came out and clipped a shoulder, and down we all came like skittles.” Kelly added that at such high speeds, even the slightest touch to a rider’s handlebar can result in a catastrophic crash, as evidenced by the consequences of this unfortunate incident.

The incident sparked outrage among fans who witnessed the careless attitude of the individual involved. Many took to social media to express their frustration and call for stricter measures against such behavior. Some even suggested legal repercussions for spectators who endanger the riders.

As a response to the incident, the British cycling team issued a statement on Twitter, urging fans to exercise caution and maintain a safe distance from the racers.


As the prestigious race continues, organizers and authorities must take proactive measures to ensure the safety of both the riders and spectators. It is a collective effort that requires vigilance and cooperation from everyone involved in the event, to uphold the integrity of this iconic cycling competition.