(Video) Fans react to Gilbert Burns scrapping with UFC’s massive cutman Brad Tate

Gilbert Burns has something of a run on rivalry with UFC’s massive cutman Brad Tate. Despite Burns being a welterweight, Tate towers over him and likely weighs twice as much.

Gilbert Burns rivalry with Tate started when they shared a similar moment at UFC Long Island in July this year. Burns was there to watch his brother take on Bill Algeo in a featherweight bout.

That time Tate started a scuffle which quickly came to an end once Burns got into a dominant position.

The two didn’t resolve their rivalry right there and went on to scrap in the stands during UFC 278. They had a fun tussle in the stands as the crowd went nuts. Both were in remarkably good spirits.

The fans online remarked that winning against Tate might prompt him to service Burns worse when it’s actual competition time.

“He gonna somehow run outta Vaseline next time you fight Gilbert, that’s if he’s in your corner.” – one fan joked.

“Gilbert is about to have 4 pounds of Vaseline on the left side of his face and completely no Vaseline on the right side of his face during his next fight, and we will all know why.” – the other hilariously commented.

Gilbert Burns last appeared in the UFC ring against Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 273, where he lost the bout via unanimous decision. Despite that call the bout was a lot closer with Burns dropping Chimaev and forcing him to respect his jiu-jitsu. Burns has been angling for a rematch but he’s not likely to get it due to the fact that Chimaev has a lot of fans behind him. Not to mention that he may or may not be prevented to leave Chechenya due to recent passport issues which his team has denied.

Burns was in talks to face Jorge Masvidal however Masvidal seems to be angling for Leon Edwards rematch and has all but abandoned the verbal agreement.

“MSG but he had a procedure in his wrist, and he said he was not ready for November, but he will be ready for December [or] January. So, if the UFC is not lying to me and I don’t believe they will, they are. That’s what he said that he would be ready December [or] January.” Burns told Allstar.