(Video) Fans pelted Logan Paul and KSI with bottles of their product at PR event

At a recent fan event, KSI and Logan Paul faced an unexpected turn of events as they were bombarded with bottles of their own Energy drink. The incident occurred during their European tour to promote the highly popular beverage, which has enjoyed remarkable success in UK supermarkets since its launch last year.

While engaging with Danish fans in Copenhagen, the duo had to swiftly evade a flurry of bottles before being escorted off stage by security.

As confetti filled the air, KSI energetically shouted the brand’s catchphrase “Drink Prime.” However, the festive atmosphere quickly turned chaotic when bottles were hurled in the direction of KSI and Paul. The duo swiftly dodged the onslaught, seeking shelter as they were safely guided off-stage by security personnel.

Some observers saw that guards even smiled while leading the two off stage.

One user commented: “The security themselves couldn’t help but laugh.”

Another added: “Haha this had made my day, even the security was laughing as it happened.”

A second tape later emerged that KSI and Paul had purposefully staged the incident to give the impression that the Danish audience was hostile towards them. “We need to make it look like you guys hate us, alright?” KSI addressed the crowd.

Additionally, Paul ensured the safety of both himself and KSI by requesting the crowd to throw only empty bottles. He told the crowd: “Throw your empty, empty, bottle at us!”

Prime Energy drink has experienced considerable success and growth since its inception. Earlier this year, the brand secured a significant sponsorship deal with the UFC.

As part of the collaboration, the blue and red corners where competitors return between rounds in the UFC have been dubbed the Prime Hydration Recovery Zones. The brand has also become a sponsor of the UFC’s live-streamed weigh-ins, prominently featuring on the scale that fighters step onto during the weigh-in process.

Moreover, KSI and Paul recently expanded their involvement with Prime by signing two prominent competitors as representatives of the brand. UFC middleweight champion Adesanya and featherweight titleholder Alexander Volkanovski have both joined Prime as sponsored athletes. Paul also gifted Adesanya and Volkanovski $25,000 Prime chains as a symbol of their collaboration.