(Video) Fans ask Dana White to sign Waffle House Girl after brawl goes viral

UFC President Dana White is being urged by fans to sign the latest viral star referred to as the Waffle House lady.

This might seem like a call out of the blue but White has previously seen a similar clip and hired a viral star that prevented theft and ended up getting fired due to her intervention.


The public does not know the Waffle House lady’s identity. She recently made news after a video of her yelling inside a Waffle House went viral.

In the video, the lady was facing a number of people and showcasing her exceptional combat skills. The video quickly spread on social media receiving several million views in the span of just 2 days. Many individuals admired the lady and thought the UFC needed to make use of her skills.

One user tweeted: “Dana White needs to sign that girl from the Waffle House video,”

Meanwhile, another fan mentioned the occasion when Dana White hired someone who stopped a person from shoplifting.

The user tweeted: “DANA WHITE with the UFC hired the large Hawaiian girl who stopped that guy from shoplifting at Best Buy. He gave her a job with UFC security. I think this Waffle House white girl needs a similar UFC deal.”

Another playful tweet suggested the UFC utilise Waffle House as a recruiting location.

The tweet said: “Dana white better start recruiting from Waffle House lol”

Summer Tapasa-Sataraka went viral in December 2020 during her shift at one of Best Buy’s stores in Hawaii. The incident was pretty chaotic as the alleged thief tried his best to escape from the premises regardless of restraints. Tapasa kept pushing the alleged perp until he ran out of stamina and eventually gave up.

Tapasa was fired following the incident.

She went on to celebrate her second anniversary of working for the UFC back in September.