(Video) Epic edit of Leon Edwards’ corner supercharging him in between rounds to inspire KO at UFC 278

Thanks to this incredible Rocky remix that has gone viral, Leon Edwards’ victory at UFC 278 just become even more spectacular.

Leon Edwards was finally able to reach the peak of his career last Saturday night in Salt Lake City when he defeated Kamaru Usman to win the UFC welterweight title. By doing so, the 30-year-old produced one of the greatest shocks in the annals of MMA and became only the second British UFC champion.

The head kick KO occurred in the fifth round, when many observers believed Edwards was down 3-1. Everyone could tell that Usman had recovered from a challenging first round to seize control of the bout, even Edwards’ corner.

But rather than misinforming him, Leon’s corner did the exact opposite. He sent him into combat with the understanding that he needed to start stepping it up.

Therefore, it is appropriate that he goes by the moniker “Rocky,” since his legendary comeback will go down in UFC history as one of the most memorable moments.

The remix that follows exemplifies how they were able to support their student during the struggle was created.

Edwards was able to set all of that aside for the sake of proving everyone wrong, even knowing that the public would be skeptical of him. He has become the new king of the 170-pound division as a result, and UFC 278 will go down in history for this reason.