(Video) Elves Brener’s Face plant KO steals the spotlight at UFC Sao Paulo

In a  matchup at UFC Sao Paulo, Elves Brener faced off against Kaynan Kruschewsky, with the latter stepping into the octagon on short notice. Kruschewsky secured a significant win on the Contender Series earlier in the year, entered the bout with an impressive undefeated streak dating back to 2019. On the other side, Brener boasted a 2-0 record inside the UFC octagon and was eager to add a third victory to his UFC career.

The clash between these two Brazilian stars promised fireworks, and by the end of the night, one of them had their win streak extended in a truly explosive fashion.

The action kicked off with Kaynan Kruschewsky taking the initiative and pushing forward. However, as the round unfolded, he made the crucial mistake of walking into a devastating right hook from Elves Brener. Kruschewsky’s offense began with low volume, while Brener exhibited a versatile striking game and kept busy with a range of techniques. In a critical moment, Brener connected with a powerful left hand, capitalizing on a missed right from Kruschewsky. Remarkably, Kruschewsky absorbed the blow but found himself in a perilous position.

Throughout the round, Elves Brener showcased impressive agility, smoothly transitioning between stances while executing successful kicks. With just over a minute left in the frame, Brener attempted an overhand right, narrowly missing his target. However, he quickly followed up with a left hand that landed flush on Kruschewsky’s chin, sending him crashing to the canvas in a face-first knockout. It was another brutal and violent finish for lightweight fighter Elves Brener, who had initially agreed to a catchweight contest as Kruschewsky had stepped up on short notice.

The official result of this electrifying bout was declared as Elves Brener’s victory over Kaynan Kruschewsky via knockout (left hand) in the first round, with the fight concluding at the 4:01 mark.