(Video) Eddie Hearn doesn’t know where to look as boxer Avril Mathie wears bikini at weigh-in

As boxer Avril Mathie was weighing in while wearing a bikini, promoter Eddie Hearn was confused where to look.

Mathie stepped onto the scales wearing nothing but a bright yellow bikini before her match against Ramla Ali on Saturday night. The weigh-in was conducted at Madison Square Garden’s Hulu Theater, in New York. Hearn was put in an embarrassing situation as Mathie awed the crowd in her bikini.

Mathie weighed in at 121.4 pounds, precisely the same as her opponent. Both the undefeated boxers are going into the highly anticipated showdown as they face off for the vacant IBF intercontinental junior featherweight title.

Prior to the boxing bout, Mathie spoke up about her feelings to ITR Boxing. She said: “So excited, really pumped. I think this is going to be a really good fight for me and a very winnable one.”

“For the first two years I never really took it seriously, it was just something I did for fun, as a hobby. It was when I split from my ex – we owned a regular gym together – that was kind of holding me in Australia and why I didn’t move to another country sooner.”

The Australian also discussed her trip to Las Vegas, where she met people from the boxing industry. She stated: “Spending that time in Vegas made me realize this is where I need to be to meet the people who are going to give you the opportunities.”

Mathie also talked about her opponent, saying: “I think she’s an incredible fighter but very one-dimensional. In that one dimension she’s awesome, but outside of that she struggles a bit.”

“She doesn’t handle pressure well, if you have her going on the back foot she’s a little uncomfortable. She’s not faced anyone like me before, I face girls who are better than her in sparring every single week.”

“I feel confident about this. Once I can make her really uncomfortable then she’ll probably just fold.”

Ramla Ali moved to 8-0 with a wide points victory over Avril Mathie in New York last night