(Video) Eccentric promotion combines Mortal Kombat competition with MMA

Gamers who also like brawls can now indulge in both their interests, thanks to a special promotion.

Phygital Games is a revolutionary promotion, offering a captivating experience that caters to both hardcore gamers and sports enthusiasts. By seamlessly blending virtual and physical realities, Phygital Games creates a unique competitive environment that sets it apart from other events. With the rapid advancement of technology, promotions like Phygital Games have the potential to become mainstream sensations.

Phygital Games recently organized its seventh event in Russia, showcasing a talented lineup of mixed martial arts prospects from the region. Emulating the format of the PFL, competitors participate in a tournament where they earn points based on their performances. Victories through finishes award them 6 points, while decisions grant them 5 points.

Before engaging in combat inside the cage, competitors engaged in Mortal Kombat competition. Mortal Kombat is an iconic video game franchise known for intense combat.

The newest installment of Mortal Kombat is possibly the most well-known combat sports video game series ever. It will be released on September 19.

The game holds a special place among MMA stars. Even top-ranked UFC heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes chooses the franchise’s theme song as his entrance music during his appearances inside the Octagon.

As Phygital Games continues to push boundaries, it remains uncertain where this innovative promotion will go next. With the rising global popularity of mixed martial arts, Phygital Games has the potential to become a captivating hybrid event.

Besides MMA, the organization has already ventured into hosting events revolving around hockey, soccer, laser tag, and karting, further diversifying its offerings.

With its ingenious concept and ability to captivate diverse audiences, Phygital Games is positioned to shape the future of competitive gaming and sports events. By merging virtual and physical realities, this groundbreaking promotion has the potential to redefine the landscape and attract a whole new generation of enthusiasts.

There was previously an attempt to combine chess and boxing by a number of famous youtubers but that was slightly less dynamic.

As we eagerly await the next installment, Phygital Games promises to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of competitive entertainment.