(Video) Dillon Danis shows Adin Ross The Picture of Logan Paul’s Fiancee

In recent weeks, the online world has been buzzing with controversy as Dillon Danis took to social media to share a series of eyebrow-raising pictures involving Nina Agdal. She happens to be Logan Paul’s fiancée.

The incident has left fans and onlookers perplexed, with Danis making bold claims that one of his pictures could potentially shatter the engagement between Paul and Agdal.

For the past month, Dillon Danis has been relentless in his efforts to rattle Logan Paul. Through an array of social media posts, he showcased Nina Agdal in the company of other men. These posts were undoubtedly provocative, as Danis appeared to be hinting at something more significant.

Danis then asserted that he possesses a picture of Nina Agdal that had the potential to rock the foundations of Logan Paul’s engagement. The online world was buzzing with anticipation, eager to see what this picture held.

Last Sunday, Dillon Danis made an unexpected appearance on Adin Ross’ live stream in New York. During the live stream, he decided to reveal the alleged game-changing picture to the world.

As the picture was unveiled, Adin Ross was undoubtedly taken aback. He confirmed that the image was indeed as surprising as Danis had claimed.

Ross viewed the video and said, “Bro!” right away. However, he covertly wanted to know more about the man in the video. Danis remained silent and asked Ross to verify that he was telling the truth.

The video came to a close, and Adin said: “That is wild bro. I actually feel really bad.”

Logan Paul previously dismissed the idea that any picture could jeopardize his engagement to Nina Agdal. He criticized Danis for attempting to troll him ahead of their impending bout.

He said: “If Dillon thinks a single photo he’s posted has rattled me at all, he’s a dumba**, I’ve been through the f**king social wringer, I’ve seen it all I’ve heard all the insults, I know exactly who I am, I know exactly who my wonderful beautiful fiancée is, I’m the happiest that I’ve been in my life, some moron troll posting some bulls**t on Twitter, will never faze me ever.”