(Video) Conor McGregor spotted dancing with popstar Kylie Minogue in Monaco

Last year’s meet-up between Conor McGregor and Kylie Minogue at Cannes 2022 hinted at the possibility of a budding friendship. The renowned Australian pop star attended the premiere of ‘Elvis.’

This is where Conor McGregor who is a fan himself, couldn’t resist the urge to request a few pictures with her. The photos found their way to McGregor’s Instagram, sparking the beginning of their unlikely friendship.

The two friends were then spotted together last weekend having fun and attending the F1 Grand Prix on the French Riviera. Together, they indulged in a weekend of festivities and merriment. A video of the two celebrities partying side by side has gone viral, showcasing Kylie Minogue’s dance moves as Conor McGregor accompanies her.

After their encounter in Cannes, Conor McGregor’s Instagram pictures were brought up, and Kylie Minogue was questioned about them. The singer said that the photos she shot with the UFC star were a huge hit among her nephews.

Kylie Minogue did admit that Conor had requested her to click the pictures with him. Conor obviously seems to be a huge fan of the pop artist since he got to hang out with her last weekend.

Conor McGregor’s recent trip to the French Riviera marked the end of such leisurely escapades for a while. As he gears up for the TUF series where he will serve as one of the coaches alongside Michael Chandler, this French Riviera getaway was a well-deserved break before the arduous training begins.

Rick Ross partying in Monaco with Connor McGregor, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant
Rick Ross partying in Monaco with Connor McGregor, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant

The overall idea is that Conor would spend a full camp  training for Chandler before making his return.

Chandler has been training non stop, prompting UFC fans to question if McGregor can re-dedicate himself to the martial arts lifestyle.

Date of the clash is supposed to be announced soon. It’s currently rumored that the bout would headline the 30th anniversary card. This would be UFC 295 which is set to take place on November 11. Nothing’s been confirmed yet despite first episode of TUF premiering last night.