(Video) Conor McGregor scores just ONE on a punch machine

In a comical moment captured on camera, Conor McGregor found himself scoring the lowest possible number on a punch machine – registering a mere one point.

McGregor is known for his strong left hand. But when he punched the Hard Hitterz UK’s Instagram punch bag in Dublin ahead of Bellator 299, it did not translate very well.

The company set up the machine, inviting members of the public to test their punching prowess and aim for the highest score.

To everyone’s surprise, McGregor landed a solid punch but managed to secure only the lowest score possible. This prompted him to boldly claim he had “broken the game.”

He enthusiastically exclaimed, “Breaking the thing twice, number one, baby. All smashed up, yeah.”

Fortunately for the MMA sensation, this lackluster attempt wasn’t his only one of the night. Earlier McGregor had showcased his true prowess, scoring an impressive 858 with his left fist.

This score proved higher to that of his old UFC rival Dustin Poirier, who achieved 847 on the same bag. Additionally, welterweight Leon Edwards managed a score of 843.

Looking ahead, McGregor is gearing up for his much-anticipated return to the octagon next year after officially re-entering the USADA testing pool. The 35-year-old hasn’t seen action since July 2021, when he faced defeat at the hands of Dustin Poirier and sustained a painful leg injury during their bout at UFC 264.

But McGregor has been training and sparring again for a while, even participating in coaching for TUF reality series alongside Michael Chandler. Having been out of the testing pool since late 2021, McGregor must undergo six months of random PED testing before gaining clearance to compete.

Taking to X on Sunday night, McGregor announced: “I’m back in the pool. Will be doing my stint at high elevation before the bout.”

His next match-up is likely to be against Chandler, as is customary for rival TUF coaches to face off at the end of the show.

UFC CEO Dana White has confirmed that McGregor’s paperwork has been submitted. He stated: “No, he is not officially in the USADA pool. He has submitted the paperwork so probably by Monday he will be submitted. Again, don’t hold me to that but the paperwork is submitted so next week sometime.”