(Video) Conor McGregor reacts after UFC star Ian Garry predicts exact KO moment

Irish mixed martial artist Ian Garry is quickly making a name for himself in the UFC welterweight division.

Garry’s recent first-round knockout victory over Daniel Rodriguez has left both fans and opponents in awe of his skills. With a dominating performance, Garry secured his twelfth consecutive win and his fifth win in the UFC.

Garry correctly predicted his KO victory against Daniel Rodriguez in the opening round. With a massive head kick that knocked his opponent to the ground and a flurry of punches that followed, Garry defeated his opponent in the first round of the match.

Prior to his bout against Rodriguez, Garry confidently declared: “My fight IQ is so much greater than everybody else… I’ve already got the map in my head. Like, I can tell you how I’m gonna knock him out… right high-kick… If I knock him out with anything else, I didn’t mean it. That’s the only shot I want. That’s the knockout I want.”

True to his word, Garry delivered the exact knockout he had predicted, solidifying his reputation as a rising star with exceptional combat sports acumen.

Garry’s remarkable predictive abilities have drawn comparisons to former two-weight champion Conor McGregor. McGregor had gained a reputation for making eerily accurate predictions about his own matches.

Impressed by Garry’s foresight, McGregor took to Twitter to congratulate his fellow countryman. He lauded Garry’s ability to call his shot and achieve it, welcoming him to ‘The Shot Caller Club’ with pride.

McGregor tweeted:

In response, Garry expressed gratitude and said: “Get appointed to The Shot Caller Club.” He attached a picture of the new merchandise with the logo of the new club in the middle.

Given his loud nature and confidence, Garry’s rise has already drawn parallels to McGregor. In addition, Garry begun his ascent into the top 15 in the division.

Speaking about his upcoming bouts, Garry stated:

“I will be so dominant in this fight that there will be no questions about how good I am. I hate when people say ‘someone hasn’t earned or deserved a title shot’ or that their rise was because they got favorable match-ups.”

“I hate seeing them say that to fighters because they’ve gone in there and done what they needed to do every single time. I never, ever want people to say that about me, so what I want to do is fight six guys in the top 15 before I get a title shot. I want to do two between 15 and 10, two between 10 and five and then two between five and one.”