(Video) Commentator questions if he should ask MMA star about PED test failure on hot mic

Former PFL tournament champion turned commentator Sean O’Connell recently found himself in hot water after a slip of the tongue during a recent live broadcast.

Sean O’Connell was speaking candidly just after the co-main event of tonight’s show. He didn’t know his microphone was hot and he was still live. There was a pause in action between when Rob Wilkinson’s rapid TKO victory against fellow UFC veteran Tom Breese occurred and when the official outcome was declared. That’s when Sean made a major blunder.

O’Connell jokingly inquired in a jovial tone, ‘Can I ask him about his st**oids? Where he got them.’ He was seemingly referencing Wilkinson, who just won his match.

Sean didn’t seem to be malicious, so maybe he was only praising Rob’s physical appearance. However, making jokes on ‘ster**ds’ is was deemed inappropriate for live television. The quip was offensive and detracts from Wilkinson’s performance in the cage this evening.  It’s bad since there were a lot of enjoyable finishes in the events.

This incident sheds light on the ongoing production challenges faced by the PFL. Despite being broadcast on ESPN+, the promotion continues to grapple with technical difficulties, including audio issues, dead air, and pacing problems, detracting from the viewing experience.

Despite this misstep, Sean O’Connell remains a popular figure in the MMA community. He known for his charisma and compelling backstory.

The veteran of Ultimate Fighter Season 8 had a 2-5 record in the UFC before finding new life and going 4-1 in the PFL. After winning the 2018 season and earning a $1 million payday there, he left the tournament to focus on his commentating career.

Although generally flawless on stage, Sean seemed to make a huge mistake this evening.

Following the broadcast, Sean O’Connell issued a public apology via social media. He expressed regret for his ill-timed comment.

“Apologies to Rob Wilkinson and team about the wisecrack on hot mic. @FactoryXMTMMA Gotta be better. Never want to be a lame distraction from a great performance.”

While mistakes happen, it’s important for individuals in the public eye to take responsibility for their actions and strive for continuous improvement.